June/July 2021

Banksia Room

Hello everyone,

Changes for winter

On particularly cold mornings we will change to our winter routine. This means we will play inside until morning tea and go out when the day warms up. In the afternoons we will return inside by 5pm as sunset arrives earlier.

With the weather in mind please ensure your child’s spare clothes are appropriate. Developing your child’s self-help skills is an important part of their learning at kindy. You assist them by providing clothing they can manage themselves – for example, Velcro or pull on shoes (instead of buckles and laces) and elastic waisted

pants/jeans (instead of tight buttons or clips). The children enjoy learning to fasten the zippers or buttons on jackets and cardigans and we offer support in this.
Gardening news

The children have successfully planted the large vegetable garden in Holly’s Yard. They will be learning how broccoli, leeks, Bok choi, lettuce, snow peas, zucchini, herbs and flowers grow over the coming weeks and months. We will play in Holly’s Yard every

Monday and Friday to give the children time to nurture the garden. Holly’s Yard is our own ‘Bush kindy’ with bush tucker plants, a native bee hive, trees to climb, tank rainwater available by pump and a range of natural areas to experience and investigate.

Dates to remember

Photo day 23rd June

NAIDOC WEEK begins 4th July – the children will celebrate the culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Come dressed in your favourite pj’s on 23rd July for Pajama Day

July for Pajama Day
We will celebrate these birthdays: Isi, Matthew, Hanna, Hazel in June and Louis and Elyas in July. Special thanks to the families who have donated quality toys to our centre. These have enriched the children’s play.

If anyone has access to recycled paper we can use for drawing and painting we would greatly appreciate it.

Ph: 5527 9311


Our Rooms

Waterlillies Room

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Waratah Room

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Banksia Room

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Everlasting Daisies Room

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