October/November 2021

Waratah Room

Hello and welcome to the Waratah October/November Newsletter

This year has really flown by.  Thankfully life is feeling mostly normal and the children seem very happy and settled.  We do ask that we all keep working together to maintain hygiene practices when entering and exiting the centre.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry as they say.

The weather has been beautiful and warm the last few weeks and the children are loving lots of outdoor play.  With summer coming we will be able to enjoy a lot of water play activities so we do ask that you can please pack a few spare changes of clothes each day.

October 11-17 is National Nutrition Week.  This years ‘Try for 5’ campaign focuses on tips to get excited about and how to get more vegies in to our diet.  We will be having lots of fruit and vegetable play in home area, art and puzzles to broaden the children’s exposure to this.


National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week is coming up and begins on Monday 9th November.  Throughout this week we will focus on the importance of recycling and sustainability within our room.

It has been really special to see your little people really coming in to their own in the last month or two.  We are hearing a lot more chatting and talking around the room and also seeing lots lots of kindness and caring which is so lovely.

For the older children that will be moving up to the Banksia Room next year, we will begin having visits over the coming months to make that transition next year a smooth one.

Please remember we always love to receive emails and photo’s from your weekend activities for the children to share with each other and incorporate your child’s interests in our daily program.

As always, we hope you are all keeping well and if you need anything or would like to discuss any concerns, please feel free to approach Anne or Tanya.


Anne, Gabby and Eva


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