June/July 2022

Waterlillies Room

Hello Everyone,  It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the year already! As the mornings are starting to get a bit chilly, we ask that you pack warm layers, shoes and socks for your children so we can keep them warm in the mornings and cool later in the day. We aren’t changing to our winter routine yet as all the wet weather has had us cooped up inside and we want to make the most of as much outside time as we can get. These inconsistent routine ‘s can sometimes make our little people a bit unsettled at drop off but this is completely normal and we will use strategies to help them settle quickly.


Friday the  22nd of July is Pyjama Dress Up Day so we will all be toasty and warm that day.

As many of you are aware and others may have been too polite to ask, I (Miss Anne) am pregnant and will be taking maternity leave from the start of July. I will miss my daily cuddles and sharing the year with your children but know that they will be in great hands with their other familiar educators. Miss Katherine isn’t going anywhere so the children’s will still have consistency in their routines.

The children are really starting to find their voices and are learning new sounds and words every day. We have lots of photos around the room so that they can learn their friends names. They have also shown an interest in learning animals and their sounds.

We try to imbed Aboriginal culture into our routine as much as possible. 3-10 July is NAIDOC Week and it will see us celebrate and embrace the Aboriginal culture even more with a variety of play based experiences to help us extend on our knowledge of their heritage and traditions.

We have a few children recently turned or soon to turn the big 2!  Unfortunately our Waratah Room is full so there is not space to transition these children up as of yet.  However we program for each child’s individual needs and development stages and are fortunate enough to have an abundance of resources to allow us to do this.  So even though your child for the time being is unable to move rooms, their needs are still able to be identified and met.

If you have any concerns please see Tanya or myself. That’s all for now.

Anne and Katherine


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