June/July Newsletter 2022

Everlasting Daisies Room

Welcome to all my friends

What a wet term we have had. I hope you are all safe and dry.  The children have been very patient while having to walk from school in the rain and then play inside. Friendships have grown with children working together to make amazing pieces constructing with the wooden blocks, modelling everyday life in home corner, using their imagination while playing in the sandpit and enjoying each others company playing with toys from the toy room.

We have taken the opportunity to play outside when we can. Drawing with chalk on the verandah, beading special bracelets for friends, themselves and families, zooming around the track on the bikes and having a kick with the soccer ball with friends.

We congratulate Fyfe, Bodhi and Eloise in receiving the Principals Award for their great work at school. Thank you for sharing these amazing achievements.

My Eco-Warriors are at work again raking our playground and placing the leaves in the gardens as mulch. Gaheon, Fyfe and Hendrix did a great job cleaning the area to allow their friends to play safely. I am proud of all children and their composting efforts during Afternoon Tea to help our gardens grow and look after our environment.

Vacation Care

Yes only a few more weeks until Vacation Care.  Booking forms are with the roll or just email Tanya and she will send one to you.  Another opportunity to meet new friends, assist with experiments and try our hands at craft.




As health and safety are an important lesson to teach the children, I ask you to please ensure your child has a hat for After School Care. (It does not have to be a school hat.)  Sunscreen is provided. Please bring along your own Water Bottle and warm clothing.

Knowing how important family time is, I provide an area for children to do homework if required. When collecting your child/ren please sign them out on the roll and have them come say good bye so I know they are safe.


Take care Paula



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