August/September Newsletter 2022

Everlasting Daisies Room

Time for another newsletter.

The children are certainly growing. Their maturity is noticeable when walking from school to the centre, as they are aware of health and safety walking near and crossing the road. I have noticed how tall some are becoming, evident when eating afternoon tea. They enjoy their fruit and are confident in asking for more if required

Popular activities include:

Sandpit fun – Digging their way to China, with me  requesting foods from China to bring back. This  has brought on an interest in the sandpit, lots of smiles, working together to dig deep holes and then to extend interconnecting corridors joining the holes together.

Soccer – Girls and boys of all ages are enjoying a game of soccer. Testing their skills and guiding each other with hints in developing their skills further. 

Other activities include- Zooming around the track on bikes. Playing hide and seek. Making unusual houses with the cardboard posters. Beading. Just sharing a chat with their friends.

Vacation Care

Yes only a few more weeks until Vacation Care.  Booking forms will on the roll shortly or just email Tanya and she will send one to you.  As the children were interested in experiments, I have included 3 each week, with craft daily and maybe a few favourite games as well.  Last day will require a change of clothes as we will be turning our dirt patch into a mud patch to explore different senses,

Vacation Care gives the children the opportunity to meet new friends from different schools, assist with experiments and try our hands at craft. A chance to relax, slow down and be oneself. I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Please remember Friday the 26th of August is a public holiday and we will not be open.

Until next time



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