At our centre you will find there is a flexible routine each day which provides the children with a sense of security as well as meeting their individual needs. As early childhood professionals, the educators implement a program that provides a rich and integral range of experiences that enhance each child’s  learning and development.

These are essential skills to help your child grow and lay the foundations for a life of learning. Children learn in different ways during their first five years. Our programs feature play-based and child initiated activities Please see below for an example of our day here at GCIT.

Our Timetable

Child led outdoor experiences

07:00 – 09.55 am

Morning mat time, transitioning and preparing for morning tea.

09:55 – 10.05 am

Shared morning tea

10:05 – 10.25 am

Child initiated indoor experiences

Free movement within the room

Sensory experiences

Imaginative play and design

Creative arts

10:05 – 10.25 am

Packing away our room, transitioning to mid-morning mat time and handwashing

11:45 – 12.00 pm

Shared lunch time

12:00 – 12.30 pm

Sleep/rest/relaxation/quiet activities

12:30 – 02.00 pm

Child initiated indoor experiences

Brushing teeth and applying sunscreen

02:00 – 03.00 pm

Packing away our activities

Move our bodies with music/dance and group time.

03:00 – 03.10 pm

Shared afternoon tea

03:10 – 03.30 pm

Child initiated outdoor experiences

03:30 – 06.00 pm

Our Routine

Group times

Our mat times are an important starting point for each day. All children are encouraged to share their thinking for play and encouraged to plan for their play and learning. We use this time as an opportunity to draw on and extend on things that have been happening throughout the week. We also use the time to listen to stories, songs and so much more

Meal times

Creating enjoyable mealtimes throughout our day will help young children learn healthy eating habits and develop positive attitudes toward food. Children can access food and water with the educator’s support during the day.

Rest times

An opportunity for children to begin to develop autonomy as they are supported by educators to having a sleep or rest independently depending on what they need. – including our older children. All children can rest or participate in quiet time learning activities for a period during the day to recharge for the afternoon.

Play times

Play times are offered multiple times throughout the day and include music, dance, story times and storytelling, fine and gross motor activities,

games, dramatic play and opportunities for reflections on learning.

Creative experiences

We invite children to explore a selection of materials and resources, colour palettes, utensils and mediums each day– all readily available and within easy access to express their thinking and understanding of the world.

Exploratory times

Each day children are offered large blocks of uninterrupted time for play and inquiry. The children can plan for play across all our spaces using a wide variety of resources and materials with support from peers and educators.