Meals and Nutrition

We follow a nutrition policy that encourages healthy eating – low fat, salt and sugar content, lots of fruit & vegetables and a variety of proteins. Our cook provides menus which are full of variety, and include exciting and innovative meals and snacks that encourage the children to try different things, whilst ensuring that their nutritional needs are met each and every day. With relaxed mealtimes, your child will share their eating experiences with educators and friends. We provide nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned meals and our menu has been assessed by Nutrition Australia to ensure we are offering healthy and nutritious meals.

    Rotating six weekly seasonal menus

    Nutritionally balanced meals prepared by on-site cook

    Fresh, wholesome nutrient rich meals

    Meets significant amount of a child’s daily nutritional requirements

    Follows Nutrition Australia National guidelines and recommendations

Our Menu

Please see an example menu below.

The recommended serves of core food groups for children

What is a serve?