October/November 2021

Waterlillies Room

Hello everyone, I’m sure you are all just as surprised as we are as to how this year has just flown by!

Before you know it, it will be Christmas!  It’s great to have this warmer weather back as we will be starting to do lots of water play experiences so, please ensure that you pack spare clothes for your child and that you apply sunscreen each morning.  We reapply before we go outside in the afternoon.

It almost seems like we have some sense of normality in our lives with COVID, but this is when we can become complacent.  Please ensure that you are still following our COVID safe practices of using the check in app, sanitizing hands when entering and leaving the centre and most importantly, wearing a mask at all times in the centre.

On a more positive note, the children’s language skills are flourishing at the moment.  We have been offering a variety of experiences to encourage and extend on these skills with lots of dramatic play, shared play, singing and reading.  We have just added lots of new books to our collection and the children have been loving them.


Our menu at the centre is based on the guidelines from Nutrition Australia.  A healthy, well-balanced diet forms the foundation for strong growing bodies.  We will be celebrating Nutrition Week this month at the centre.  We will be having extra play-based experiences on offer for the children to help form positive attitude to a healthy diet from a young age.

World Nursery Rhyme Week is the 15th to the 19th of November.  It promotes the importance of Nursery Rhymes in early childhood development and education.  Each year five rhymes are chosen, and we encourage children to take part in our Rhyme a Day challenge by signing the nursery rhymes and taking part supporting activities.





November will be a busy month as we will start preparing for the end of year which will involve cleaning, portfolios, and visits to the Waratah Room to help for a smooth transition for our children moving up next year.

Until next time, we hope you are all well. And as always if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to see myself or Tanya


Hayley and Katherine



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