October/November 2021

Everlasting Daisies Room

Hello to all my friends

We are in our final term for 2021. The children have made our new friend Ruby, welcome to our After School Care family.

Thank you for sharing your adventures and milestones with me, it is always lovely to hear how much fun you have with your families. This year has been a pleasure to see you all grow and develop skills in communication, creativity, socially and respect to all.  Your enthusiasm and confidence to learn different things has made this year very enjoyable.

I would like to remind you After School Care is your time to relax and do activities of your choice. Please come and tell me of any ideas you have for craft, discussions, games or activities.

This is an amazing time of year and I look forward to sharing it with you. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Vacation Care

With September/October holidays saw the children not interested in craft, rather they enjoyed making houses. Experimenting with posters, mats and utilising nature to make interesting houses for all to share.  As Vacation Care progressed the houses became more intricate including rooms for Barbie and quiet spaces for each other to sleep.  Fireplaces were incorporated in one house as the boys endeavoured to start a fire the traditional way, by rubbing two sticks together.  They did request a magnifying glass and lighter. Not quite traditional way.

I have started programming for December/January Vacation Care and requested any ideas the children have can be emailed to Tanya who will pass them on to me.  Always open to new ideas and family involvement.

To the children’s delight, I am able to modify our Chocolate game to play in the holidays.

As it is the hot time of year, I ask you to provide your child with a change of clothes and towel as we will be doing a lot of spontaneous wet play, while still being aware of any water restrictions in place.


As health and safety are an important lesson to teach the children, I ask you to please ensure your child has a hat for After School Care. (It does not have to be a school hat.)  Sun cream is provided. Please bring along your own water bottle.

When collecting your child/ren please sign them out on the roll and have them come say good bye so I know they are safe.

Until next time,



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