February/ March 2022

Everlasting Daisies Room

Welcome to 2022

Welcome back to all my children and families from last year.  A special welcome to my new families and I invite you to offer any ideas to make your child comfortable while at Outside School Hours Care. A funny start to our year with Co-Vid 19 still prevalent in our community and school starting a little later than normal, still lots of time to explore new experiences and meet new friends.




We start the year taking everyone’s photo for our belonging wall. This year’s theme is Barbie and Ken. Followed by measuring their height now and in November,  to see how much they grow through out the year. These are initiatives requested by the children and have become a favourite each year.

Thank you to all who attended Vacation Care. Behaviour was amazing with children feeling safe and secure to request activities they are interested in. These included: Making houses with Mats and sheets, cooling down under the sprinkler and sliding on the mats covered in water and dishwashing liquid, making a volcano with Baking soda and vinegar, running in the rain is a favourite, working together to construct with the Marble run. Also included were favourites: Jelly Eating competition, the chocolate game and cookie eating competition.

As health and safety are an important lesson to teach the children, I ask you to please ensure your child has a hat for After School Care. (It does not have to be a school hat.)  Sunscreen is provided. Please bring along your own Water Bottle.

Also if your child has a raincoat that they are able to keep in their bags for those rainy mornings or afternoons, to ensure that they keep as dry as possible.

Knowing how important family time is, I provide an area for children to do homework if required.

When collecting your child/ren please sign them out on the roll and have them come say goodbye so I know they are safe.

Looking forward to the year ahead.







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