August/ September Newsletter 2022

Banksia Room

Hello everyone,

As always our curriculum will be greatly influenced by events in our calendar which includes Dental health week beginning August 1st your child brushes his or her teeth everyday after rest time with individual toothbrushes and toothpaste provided by kindy (these are sterilised every Friday). Through out the year we emphasise healthy eating and practices but this week concentrates fully on caring for our teeth.

National Science Week beginning August 13th  is an exciting time of hands on experiments, exploring STEM resources and using technology to develop scientific thinking and processes such as inferring, predicting, hypothesising, testing, experimenting, evaluating and generalising.

Book week begins August 20th celebrating the wonderful world of amazing children’s books. We will focus on Australian authors, books about significant issues such as endangered animals and habitats, our favourite stories, and books with unusual illustrations or ideas. We encourage your child to bring their favourite book to kindy to share.

Chinese Moon Festival Day on September 10th. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in many East Asian communities. In China, it’s a reunion time for families

As Spring returns we will have more water play so please continue to send a spare set of clothes as they are sometimes required.

Finally, the older children will be encouraged to sign in each morning on a separate page to their parent to support their name writing skills and independence in preparation for school in 2023. We will offer support in this. Names are to be written with a CAPITAL initial letter followed by lower case letters, always starting  on the left hand side of the page. Pencil grip is also very important. A fun way to encourage the correct grip is to make a crocodile with the thumb and pointer fingers and curl the others behind. Incorrect grip is very difficult to change once  established. Younger children are welcome to make their mark on the page if they wish. The font in this newsletter is QLD Beginners, which is what we follow.  

Important dates to remember

9-11th of August—Kindy Photo Days—Please see the office if you are unsure what day your child/children’s photo day is.

4th of August—Googabinj Show

17th of August—Committee Meeting

 Thankyou and see you at kindy. 

 Cynthia and Makaela











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